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Brembo Brake Pad Set, 07 Genuine Compound, Front/Rear


For the Front/Rear axle on your motorbike, these Brembo brake pads represent the best in terms of performance, comfort and durability.

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For the Front/Rear axle on your motorbike, these Brembo brake pads are made with 7 compound material perfect for Genuine applications. Brembo brake pads stand at the forefront of motorcycle braking technology, renowned for their exceptional performance and safety. These brake pads employ a proprietary blend of advanced composite materials to ensure optimal stopping power, heat dissipation, and durability. The composition typically includes high-quality friction materials, such as ceramic, carbon, and metallic elements, meticulously engineered to meet the demands of diverse riding conditions. Brembo’s commitment to innovation results in motorbike brake pads that deliver reliable and consistent braking performance, making them a trusted choice for enthusiasts and OEM applications alike. Explore the intersection of cutting-edge materials and braking excellence with Brembo brake pad compounds.

Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in





Genuine (OEM)

Pad Base


Make Model Year
HUSABERG 350 (350cc) 1991 - 2023
HUSABERG 500 (500cc) 1991 - 2023
HUSABERG ALL MODELS (0cc) 1989 - 1992
HUSABERG ENDURO (501cc) 1970 - 2023
HUSABERG ENDURO (600cc) 1970 - 2023
HUSQVARNA CR (125cc) 1991
HUSQVARNA CR (430cc) 1987 - 2023
HUSQVARNA CR, WR (250cc) 1991 - 2023
HUSQVARNA CROSS COUNTRY LC (510cc) 1987 - 2023
HUSQVARNA ENDURO LC (510cc) 1987 - 2023
HUSQVARNA MOTOCROSS LC (510cc) 1987 - 2023
HUSQVARNA TC CROSS (610cc) 1991 - 1995
HUSQVARNA TC MOTOCROSS (510cc) 1988 - 2023
HUSQVARNA TE (360cc) 1995 - 1998
HUSQVARNA TE (610cc) 1991 - 1995
HUSQVARNA TE ENDURO (510cc) 1988 - 2023
HUSQVARNA TX CROSS COUNTRY (510cc) 1988 - 2023
HUSQVARNA WR (125cc) 1991
HUSQVARNA WR (240cc) 1987 - 1990
HUSQVARNA WR (240cc) 1991 - 2023
HUSQVARNA WR (250cc) 1987 - 1991
HUSQVARNA WR (260cc) 1991 - 2023
HUSQVARNA WR (400cc) 1987 - 2023
HUSQVARNA WR (430cc) 1987 - 2023
HUSQVARNA XC (250cc) 1987 - 2023
HUSQVARNA XC (430cc) 1987 - 2023
HUSQVARNA XC (500cc) 1987 - 2023

Brake Pad Compound Details

Genuine Carbon Ceramic

Selected by motorcycle manufacturers, this is the Carbon Ceramic material developed by Brembo as OEM equipment. The cases where the catalogue code corresponds exactly to the material used on the specific application are highlighted in the catalogues you will find at your local dealer. Genuine brake pads are available in various compounds, each of which is characterised by a different friction coefficient. The friction coefficient is expressed with a number that has a value from 1 to 99: the higher the value of this number the higher the friction coefficient of that particular compound will be.

Pad Performance


Pad Control


Pad Durability

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Passion has always been a significant factor in choosing a motorcycle, alongside considerations of technology and style. Consequently, each motorcycle is distinct, tailored to meet the unique preferences and requirements of its rider. Lucky Star Moto provides a comprehensive selection of Brembo brake pads designed to meet the specific technical demands of various motorcycle categories, ranging from racing bikes and street motorcycles to city commuters and off-road machines. Brembo brake pads fulfill the performance, control, and durability expectations of riders across the spectrum.

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